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FuBar - HeyFu
Tracks whispers and conversations
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Chat/Communication Addons
Author Wobin
Version 1.5
Embeds Ace2, Dewdrop-2.0, FubarPlugin-2.0, Tablet-2.0
OptionalDeps teknicolor
Website wowinterface.com
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

HeyFu is a tell tracker that's currently under development (in that there is probably more to come for it).

It's available on the SVN as per usual

Basically it saves all tells sent to you (and from you) and stores them for later retrieval. If you recieve a tell, the Fubar title should switch to a red icon and say how many tells have been passed since you last clicked on the icon. You can mouseover for a tooltip which will show your most recent conversation, or rightclick for the last 15 minutes of activity. You can then head into the archive for the last hour, day and week (non inclusive). There is actually more stored, but for the moment, I can't think of a good way of sorting them.

You can purge periods of time (except the first 15 minutes) by going into that time period in the menu and selecting purge, or purge the whole archive. If you click on a name, it will set whatever you have in the editbox as being sent to that person, this way, you can switch recipients of a long message if required. If you click on the conversation text, it will paste that line wherever the cursor is in the editbox, so you can send the whole line to someone else if you want.

There's also a tie in with Teknicolor, if you have that installed, it will use the colours gained from that addon to prettify up the display.

There are only a couple of options so far, There's a toggle so you can insert <- and -> or To: and From: before each message to indicate (beyond the coloring) who says what, and also a filter for a couple of the common whisper addons to prevent their messages from being stored. There is also the HeyFu Secretary, which will store any whispers made to you while AFK, then replay them back to you on unafk/relogin.

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