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FuBar - PetInfoFu
Displays Pet Info for Hunters and Warlocks. Also keeps track of Stables and Pet and Demon skills.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Interface Enhancements Addons
Author Jayhawk
Version 2.4.2 $Revision$
OptionalDeps Ace2, BabbleLib, Cartographer
Dependencies FuBar
Website wowinterface.com
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Displays information on your pet, such as name, level, combat ratings and attributes.


PetInfoFu keeps track of your pets, including your stabled pets. Optionally, it will track your history of taming pets. Clicking on the FuBar menu, which displays your pet's happiness in colour, will bring up the training dialog. Should you have Cartographer installed, PetInfoFu can keep track of the stables for you.


Show pet's name (True) - Displays the name of your current pet, assuming it is not currently dismissed.

Show pet's level (True) - Displays the level of your current pet, assuming it is not currently dismissed.

Show pet's combat statistics (True) - Shows your pets combat statistics, assuming it is not currently dismissed.

Show pet's attributes (True) - Shows your pets Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intelligence and Spirit, assuming it is not currently dismissed.

Show pet's skills (True) - Shows your pets skills, assuming it is not currently dismissed. It also shows the level a higher rank can be learned, should that rank be in your pet training manual.

Hunter Only

Show experience: By amount/By Kill/By percentage/By time/Reset timer (False) - Show experience till leveling in the label. Reset will start the "time til pet levels" timer again. You can also reset the timer by Ctrl-Clicking the label.

Play sound: On TP gain/On new skill available (False) - Play a sound when the pet gains Training Points (TP) or is able to learn an available skill.

Track pet happiness(False) - Attempts to track pet happiness as a numerical value

Show Mend Pet Frame (False) - Toggles a dragable frame when Heal Pet is active

Show stabled pets (False) - Shows you which pets are currently in your stable and their level.

Stabled Pets|Show loyalty (False) - Shows you the loyalty of your Stabled pets.

Track pet history (False) - Keeps track of all the (named) pets you stable for the first time in your career as a hunter. Note: You will have to close the stable for this option to do it's work.

Mapnotes|Enable Stable mapnotes (False) - Will place an icon on the map for each Stable you visit. Needs Cartographer to be installed.

Warlock Only

Show nethered demons (False) - Keeps track of the skills of the demons you can summon, but are currently gallivanting in the Twisted Nethers.

Pet History

The Pet History will, of course, show incorrect information for long term pets. If you want to correct this you can edit the SavedVariables file in your WTF folder. If you open the FuBar_PetInfoFu.lua file with something like Notepad you need to look for the section ["petHistory"].

Here you'll find one or more sections like this:

["Wind Serpent|Lazuli"] = { 
   ["PetType"] = "Wind Serpent", 
   ["PetLevel"] = 21, 
   ["HunterLevel"] = 42, 
   ["PetName"] = "Lazuli", 

You can set the ["PetLevel"] variable to the level your pet was when you tamed her. In Lazuli's case: 21. You can set the ["HunterLevel"] variable to the level you were when you tamed her. In Lazuli's case: 42.

If you want to add older pets, that are no longer with you, you can add a section like the above, be careful of the commas, and edit that. The first bit (the key) should be a combination of the pet type and it's name. The values for ["PetType"] (Cat, Wolf, etc.) and ["PetName"] should be set appropriately. So, adding:

["Owl|Nightshade"] = { 
   ["PetType"] = "Owl", 
   ["PetLevel"] = 8, 
   ["HunterLevel"] = 10, 
   ["PetName"] = "Nightwind", 

would add a level 8 Owl called Nightwind, which you tamed when you were level 10.

If you are unsure of what you are doing, please make a back up of this file first. If you get an error when you load your hunter, you can replace the file with the original again.


This add-on is a continuation of corgi's PetInfo which he kindly allowed me to update to WoW 2.0

Install: extract the FuBar_PetInfoFu folder into

\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\