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FuBar - ThreatFu
Light front-end to Threat-1.0 support.
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Combat Addons
Author Adirelle
Version 1.0
Embeds Ace2, Babble-2.2, SpecialEventsEmbeds, Parser-3.0, Threat-1.0, DewdropLib, TabletLib, FuBarPlugin-2.0
OptionalDeps KLHThreatMeter
Betas ThreatFu Ace SVN Zip
Changelog ThreatFu FishEye

Fubar_ThreatFu is an light-weight front-end to Threat-1.0 to ease using Threat-1.0 with KLHThreatMeter (KTM).

It offers 3 differents features :

  • Threat-1.0 and KTM version information through a FuBar plugin,
  • Control over Threat-1.0 KTM broadcast,
  • Some common KTM commands.

Available KTM commands

  • /ktm mastertarget
Set or clear KTM's master target.
  • /ktm version query
Sends a version query to your teammates.
  • /ktm enable
Enable KTM broadcast.
  • /ktm disable
Disable KTM broadcast. Threat-1.0 will still continue to receive data from Threat and KTM.


I don't care seeing threat but my guildmates want me to install some kind of ThreatMeter. Could Fubar_ThreatFu help me ?
Yes, you can run Fubar_ThreatFu with the FuBar/minimap pluggin hidden. It will calculates your threat and publishs it to other KTM and Threat-1.0 users.

Do I need Fubar_ThreatFu to receive threat updates from legacy KTM users ?
No. This is a built-in feature of Threat-1.0.

I'm running Omen, do I need to run Fubar_ThreatFu too ?
No, unless you need the KTM commands or want detailed information about KTM versions. Omen offers an option to enable the KTM broadcast.

I'm running KTM and Omen, do I need to run Fubar_ThreatFu too ?
No. Fubar_ThreatFu is useless when legacy KTM is running. In fact you will not be able to enable it.

It seems there is some glitch in threat reported. Where should I report the bug ?
To the Threat-1.0 official topic on the WOWAce forum. Fubar_ThreatFu is just a front-end for Threat-1.0. It does not do any sort of threat calculation.