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A FuBar based raid loot system manager.
TOC 2.1 (20100)
Category Raid Addons
Authors Strangeteeth, sync code courtesy of Malayon
Embeds Ace2, FuBarPlugin-2.0, DewdropLib, TabletLib, RosterLib, Babble-2.2, Furious-2.1
Dependencies FuBar
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

About FuriousRaid

FuriousRaid is an addon to help one track a raid point system and help distribute loot. FuriousRaid has been in use by my guild in one form or another since the release of WoW. It was built out of necessity -- we had a unique, homegrown, loot system and track it with a pen and paper wasn't our thing. While traditional loot distribution methods are a function of random loot drops and their associated arbitrary value, FuriousRaid allows a guild to distribute loot to its raiders primarily as a function of effort - measured as a unit of time. We have always felt that assigning points to raiders based on something that cannot be controled (i.e. what drops a particular night) is not as effective as rewarding raiders with loot based on the time they have contributed to successfully completing parts of a raid instance. Additionally, the membership of a guild is always a dynamic thing - it fluctuates with newcomers coming in and veterans leaving, for a variety of reasons. Traditional DKP systems are not newcomer friendly and this was another primary reason for the development of something new. We have felt that this loot distribution systems holds true to the ideal "Raid more, get more" philosophy, however it better distributes loot throughout your raiding team. This translates into a better raiding unit and an overall more successful raiding experience.

About 6 months ago I decided to rewrite FuriousRaid using the many libraries developed by the ACE community. Point systems are definable at a LUA level -- i.e. to support a loot system that is not currently supported one would have to write 1 lua file to define the point set and how certain events are to be handled with that set. Events such as adding or deducting "points". FuriousRaid can repeat a timed action of point sets (usually awarding of points at regular intervals), when it is necessary to distribute loot it can be placed in a mode where it monitors whispers for commands (e.g. "I want to bid on this item"). Once it is determined who receives the item, it may be masterlooted to the person through the FuriousRaid UI -- at which point a defined action can take place (usually deduct the person's points).

Note: While my guild uses FuriousRaid to currently distribute its raid loot, and it can be considered "stable" enough for this, it is still a work in progress and features are still being added.

Current Sets

Currently two point sets are supported: The "Pro" set and the "Attendance" set.

The Pro Set: This is my guild's point system. It's not DKP and I've been told it is very similar to Suicide Kings. Here it is in a nut shell:

  • Everyone recieves 0.5 points every 30 minutes if they are in the raid or on the waitlist.
  • When a piece of loot drops everyone who can use it may request the item.
  • The person that recieves the item is the person that requested the item that has the highest "points".
  • The winner has their points reset (set to zero).

We have 2 point sets for each major instance. An armor set (AP -- Armor Points) and a non-armor set (NAP -- Non-Armor Points). This allows people to upgrade armor while saving for a neck/ring/weapon/trinket/etc or vice versa. We went with this system over DKP because it promotes taking loot (hoarding points hurts you) and doesn't commit new guildies to a long life of hand-me downs. Regardless of what anyone thinks -- we like the system ;)

The Attendance Set: This set awards 5 points to everyone in the raid or one the waitlist every 5 minutes. Further more these points are tracked by date. This is to give us an idea of who shows up and when they show up. Currently the interface to display the information in this set it limited -- but I hope to remedy that soon.

Using FuriousRaid

FuriousRaid -- basic menu from FuBar.

1. Show - Shows the GUI that displays the point sets in the top pane (the set pane) and the overview data contained in the selected point set in the bottom pane (the player pane).

2. Filter - Sets the current filter for player pane. Valid filters include:

  • raid - all players in raid
  • mage, warlock, priest, warrior, etc.(Class specific)
  • mail, plate, shield, 2h-sword, etc.(Item specific)

NOTE: Filters maybe combined so -- "raid warrior" will only show the warriors in the raid in the player pane. Filtering is important for loot distribution (detailed below)

3. Current Box - Displays information about the current box. Sets can be placed in different "boxes". So for example if you have 3 sets of points associated with SSC -- you can place them in their own box for easy of display in the FuriousRaid GUI. Only sets in the current box are displayed in the GUI.

4. Boxes -

  • Add: adds a box to the system
  • Remove: removes a box from the system (you will have to manually "rebox" sets in this box at the moment).
  • List of box names with the current box checked off. To select a box click on it.

5. Current Set - Displays the name of the currently selected set. This is important for loot distribution:

  • Add: Add has a list of Set types (currently "Pro" and "Attendance") -- entering a name under a set type will add a set of that type.
  • Remove: provides a list of all sets. Click on the set to remove it. Note: there is currently no warning when you are about to remove a set.
  • List of current sets as SetName (SetType).
    • Inform: checked for on. unchecked for off. When inform is on set operations on players will whisper the affected players informing them of the change in their status in that set.
    • Timer: checked on. unchecked for off. When checked the timer system for that point set is activated. This is different for each point type. Currently the Pro set type has a 30 minute timer where it adds 0.5 points to everyone in the raid and on the FuriousWaitlist (should it be installed). Attendance has a 5 minute timer where 5 points is added to everyone in the raid and on the FuriousWaitlist.
    • Box: lists the box that the set is currently in.
    • Boxes: This displays a list of available boxes. To move the set to a specific box merely click on the box name.

User Interface

1. Set Pane - Lists all the sets in the currently selected box (note only the sets in the current box are displayed). Left clicking will select the set -- right clicking will display the context menu. The context menu lists the basic set operations. (Note: the context menu is a recent addition and maybe buggy).

  • Set name: names the set for which this context menu is form.
  • Add -- raid/waitlist/all: adds as per the rules of the set type to the set.
  • Decimate -- raid/waitlist/all: removes as per the rules of the set type to the set.
  • Clear -- raid/waitlist/all: Clears the set data.
  • Print -- channels and whisper. Prints the set information to the specified channel or player.

2. Player Pane - Displays the player data in the selected set, in alphabetical order. Right-clicking brings up the context menu for the player. - Player: names the player for which this context menu is for. - Remove player: Removes the player from the system (this affects all sets not just the currently selected one)

  • Add: adds to the player's set data as per the set type rules.
  • Decimate: removes from the player data as per the set type rules.
  • Set: sets the player data as per the set type rules.
  • Clear: clears the player data in that set.
  • Whisper: prints the current set information to the player.
  • Award: <item name>: this is a special menu item that will only appear when the system is in "monitor mode". This will Master Loot the item mentioned to the player that this context menu is for (be careful! currently there is no confirmation box for the Masterloot -- although I have been using this to master loot items in my raids for the past 3 weeks without issue -- just double check you have the correct person before you award! Confirmation box is on the to do list). Once the item is awarded the person will have their set data adjusted as defined by the bid they placed during the monitor -- or their data will not be adjusted at all if no bid had been recorded.

Using the System and the Monitor Button.

Ok, now we have the basics down. All the menu items have been defined and everything explained except the Monitor Button on the GUI. So let's run down some typical use in a raid and how to distribute loot.

Setting it up

1. Make sure you have all the point sets you wish to use defined/added.

2. Set Masterlooter to the person running the system/points for the raid.

3. At the beginning of the raid, start the set timers if you wish to use them. Set inform for sets you want the raid to be aware of. (For my guild we inform on the 2 sets for loot AP/NAP but we don't inform on attendance -- getting spammed every 5 minutes would be annoying :P)

4. Kill trash/Kill a boss -- get loot.

Loot distribution

5. Open the loot window (this is important and the loot window must be open when monitoring and awarding)

6. The system will monitor the items in order they appear in the loot window, top down (i.e. it finds the first purple in the loot window and then asks for "bids" on that). So, set your filter accordingly -- i.e. if the first item is a piece of Mail -- set the filter to "raid mail". If it is a ring just set it to "raid" since everyone can use a ring, etc.

7. Open the GUI and select the set you wish to use for this piece of loot.

8. Press the "Monitor: Off" button. Pressing the "Monitor: Off" button will open the monitor process. This will cause the set name, item name, and all the filtered players in point order to be printed in the raid chat and ask for "bids". Note that the "Monitor: Off" button changes to say "Monitor: Open".

9. People "bid" on the item in question by whispering anything to the person running the system/points. All these "bids" are recorded.

10. After an appropriate amount of time (I say "5", "4", "3", "2", "1" in raid chat and holler "last call" in vent) press the "Monitor: Open" button. This will display the item and all those who bid in point order in the raid chat.

11. Now the raid decides on a winner for the piece of loot in question (for us it's usually by the points but sometimes we have the top bidder passing to the next in line because of things like -- the top is a DPS war and the next in line is a Prot war and it's a tanking item etc etc). The button now changes to display "Monitor: Closed".

12. Once it is decided who will be awarded the item -- go back to the GUI -- find the person in question and choose "Award: <item name>" form their context menu. Make sure you have the right person and the right item. Clicking on this will Masterloot the item to the person in question (with no confirmation window) and will reset the player's points to zero. The process of awarding an item should also take the system out of the monitor state, and the Monitor button will change back to "Monitor: Off".

To Do

  • I am currently working on a detail pane so one can display more indepth information about a player's data in a point set.
  • Update this page with screen shots an operation instructions for those crazy enough to try this addon out.