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GemHelper v1.7
Search, filter and craft gems in the game!
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Author Xinhuan
Version 1.7
OptionalDeps AdvancedTradeSkillWindow, Skillet
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

For non-Jewelcrafters, GemHelper serves as a encyclopedia for gems much like what AtlasLoot Enhanced is for instance and reputation loot. With many search filters for the exact gem colors, stats and materials, users can quickly find the best gem to socket into their new equipment without having to harass a Jewelcrafter or check a website about what gems are available.

For Jewelcrafters, GemHelper goes a step further and allows users to craft gems directly from the GemHelper UI with extra options such as 'Have Materials' that Enchanters currently have. Jewelcrafters are also able to replace the default Blizzard Jewelcrafting UI.

The gem tooltips will list the materials needed to craft it or the location where the gem can be found/purchased. Currently, the database contains 206 gems. All gems should be (more or less) safe to query the server for (the link) because if someone has the gem on the server (in inventory, bank or socketed in gear) and has logged on since the last server reboot, it will be safe to query.

To use GemHelper, type /gh or /gemhelper ingame. If you are a Jewelcrafter, you open the GemHelper window by pressing the Jewelcrafting button on your actionbar or spellbook.

This addon can be used along with GemList, CraftList, CraftList2, ATSW, Skillet.

Quirks: If you open the GemHelper window via the slash command (/gh or /gemhelper), you will not be able to craft gems from it. You must open the GemHelper window via the Jewelcrafting button on your actionbars/spellbook. This is NOT a bug and is a limitation of the WoW game engine.

What I need: Localization needed for Spanish. GemHelper will currently work for English, French, German, Taiwan, Chinese and Korean clients.

If you would like to help with localization, send me your localization LUA file at xinhuan @ for the various languages and name your email subject topic 'GemHelper Localization'.

Credits: Beta Testers: Astrae, Karenwise And many thanks to my guild members for helping with gems!

-- Xinhuan @ US Blackrock Alliance