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BETA: Jewelcrafting Inventory Management
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Interface Enhancements Addons
Author Tinderbox
Version 0.1b
OptionalDeps Ace2
Dependencies Skillet
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

This addon is currently in BETA, use at your own risk.

Gemologist will help you manage your inventory in a large-scale Jewelcrafting operation.

Basic Instructions:

  • /gem recipe scan - Use this the first time you load the addon, as well as any time you learn a new recipe
  • /gem recipe edit - Use this to enable the cuts you would like to maintain on the Auction House
  • /gem ah scan - Use this when the Auction House window is open, will load current pricing data for all recipes you know
  • /gem queue - Will queue the cuts necessary into Skillet to maintain (current 3 hardcode) of each type of gem you desire, just put the raw gems into your inventory

Depends On:

Comments and Bug Reports: