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This article is based on the discussion in Grid 2.0 -- call for papers.

For questions, help have a look at Grid2 - What it is, and what it's not.

Implemented features:

  • Synchronized Heals using LibHealComm-3.0
  • Blinking Status Indicators
  • external Configuration to reduce Memory usage even further
  • layout changes based on Party Type (Solo, Party, Raid, Battleground)
  • Buffs and Debuffs can be tracked by names
Grid 3.0
The next generation of Grid.
Authors [Jerry], [Pastamancer]
ETA Soon(TM)
Embeds Ace3, AceComm-3.0, AceSerializer-3.0, LibHealComm-3.0
Optional Clique


Better usability

While being very flexible, Grid requires new Users to become familiar with Grid and tune it to their needs.

The current suggestions focus on providing new Users with a good set of defaults. E.g. a few sets of good layouts and Indicators to choose from (the later maybe based on classes).


Migrate Healing from CastComm to LibHealComm-3.0 and hopefully merge the four existing ace healing libraries into one. Done


There are a lot of tiny stable Extensions floating around that could be concentrated in Meta-Addons. For example:

  • Healing Related
    • GridStatusHots
    • GridStatusHotStacks
    • GirdIncommingHeals, GrindIncommingHealth (getting merged atm)
    • GridStatusLifebloom
  • (De)Buff related
    • GridStatusMissingDebuffs
    • GridStatusReducedHealing
    • GridRaidDebuff
  • Status Related
    • GridStatusAFK
    • GridStatusMTs
    • GridStatusRaidIcons
    • GridStatusReadyCheck
  • Layout Related (may become obsolete with the import/export feature or other configuration)
    • GridAutoFrameSize
    • GridDynamicLayout
    • GridDynamicZoneSwitch
  • Indicator Related
    • GridExtraBar
    • GridIndicatorSideIcons
    • GridIndicatorText3
    • GridManabars
    • GridSideIndicators

Provide a better documentation

The current guides and documentation is scattered on many sites (Tutorials, Videos). Some Addons above do not have a page of their own on wowace wiki. Some have a forum thread.

This makes it hard for new Users to start out.

Feature Requests

  • Splitting the layout configuration from class specific config
  • a default configuration with few options and an expert configuration with more tweaks
  • a Status should only be shown on an Indicator it Supports (e.g. Icon vs. Bar)


Currently there does not exist any official API. Please contact [Pastamancer] for details.


Just a few thoughts about the next version of Grid (as I see it).

Right now, Pastamancer and I agree that using a Roster library, or more precisely not using "unitid" as unit identifiers, was a mistake, and I'm working right now on a version of Grid that use "unitid" as unit identifiers. This will resolve a lot of problems with Grid when pets or units are sharing names now. This will also simplify a lot of code inside Grid.

Ace2 is obsolete, so updating to Ace3 is mandatory and we will be doing the update. I am not going to work (much) on UI or configuration, but Pastamancer seemed to have an interest here.

Finally, the interface between statuses and indicators needs to be reworked. But the details are fuzzy, at least for me, for now. Things to consider, apart from those already mentionned on this thread, are a tooltip indicator and a blinking state for indicators. Those two are often requested and the current architecture does not allow them.


Getting people to help with documentation is harder than you'd think. Feel free to contribute at

Jerry is working on updating the current Grid codebase to use unitids instead of names internally and replacing the Ace2 dependancies with Ace3.

I'm currently working on a complete rewrite that will attempt to address most of the configuration woes. In Grid, I made the mistake of having statuses send information about how they wanted to be displayed (color, icon, bar value, etc.). This made a lot of things easier to code but has unfortunately made the configuration overly complicated and unintuitive. I also anticipated people would write replacements for the GridFrame module or even the GridLayout module, but that never happened. Turning the frame and layout modules into a core that you can plugin indicators and statuses will reflect current Grid usage and allow for a simpler configuration.

I want to have the configuration start with what the user sees, the Grid window. Users can then create and place indicators of any pre-defined type (statusbar, texture, colored-box, etc.) or any externally-supplied type (via a n additional module). Within each indicator, the user will be given a list of statuses. The statuses can be re-ordered in the list to determine display. Within each status, the will be able to determine how it is displayed on that indicator.

I want configurations to be easily shareable. I plan on having entire or partial configurations copy/pasteable so users can share them via forum posts and also shareable in-game via AceComm-3.0/AceSerializer-3.0.