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Dynamically atering layout in raid environment (Tanks, Ranged / Melee DPS, Healers)
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category UnitFrame Addons
Author Mokhtar
Version 1.0
Dependencies Grid
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

GridDynamicLayout is an additional layout for Grid that attempts to dynamically sort your raid :

  • Four groups + pets : tanks / healers / melee DPS / ranged DPS + warlock / hunter pets
  • Adaptative (ooc) groups taking into account stance / auras to attribute groups to raid member. Current behaviour :
    • Shamans > Heal
    • Warriors > Tank if in defensive stance, melee DPS otherwise
    • Priests > Ranged DPS if in shadowform, Heal otherwise
    • Paladins > Tank if virtuous fury on, Heal otherwise
    • Hunters, Warlocks, Mages > Ranged DPS
    • Druids > Tank if in bear, Ranged DPS if in chicken, Melee DPS if in cat, Heal otherwise
    • Rogue > Melee DPS
  • For each group you can define a list of members that will be forced into those groups (currently only way to correctly detect enhancement / elemental / resto shams and ret pallies)
  • Due to the way Blizzard handles stance changes you can additionally define a defaulted DPS War list. A warrior whose name is in that list will be assumed as a melee DPS until he changes stance.



First choose Dynamic Layout as your preferred layout.

Configuration is done using the standard Grid configuration layout (you can alternatively use command line with /grid gridlayout dynamiclayout). A new Dynamic Layout configuration page appears under GridLayout :

Force player into groups

Forced tanks/heals/melee dps/ranged DPS : players listed there will be forced in the appropriate group (useful to handle enhancement/elem sham for instance)

Trash Group

Checking one or more of those options will add an optional trash group where some members may end up if AFK, offline or too far away.

Pet Group

Checking one or more of those options will add an optional pet group


  • Defaulted DPS warriors : on joining the raid the players listed there will be assumed as DPS warriors and thus stuck in the melee DPS group. On changing to defensive stance they will however be reassigned to tank group (or melee DPS if they change stance later)
  • Activate stat analysis : this option will change the way priests, druids and paladins are handled to allow for less layout updates when those players change form / buffs.


Here Seeb is an elemental shaman thus will be forced into the ranged DPS group whereas Sako and Maxximum will be defaulted as DPS warrior There si no AFK group and the statistical analysis tool is activated.

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