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Set-and-forget dynamic layout manager.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category UnitFrame Addons
Author Peragor
Version $Rev$
Embeds LibTalentQuery-1.0
OptionalDeps Ace2
Dependencies Grid
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye


This is a Layout plugin for Grid, so Grid is required to use this addon. It's made to be a set and forget layout manager. You just set your layout parameters and the layout will automatically change depending on what is available. The grid width (or height if you changed your layout direction) will auto-expand depending on the raid size, or max subgroup used. If you select you want to see pets, another column will be added depending on if you have hunters or warlocks in your raid. Tanks will be shown if you enable the option AND Blizz/oRA/CTRA tanks are set. etc.

What it does

Adds the following new layout to support auto-adjusting:

  • GridLayoutPlus

When you enable auto-adjusting, then the included layout will automatically be used.

New options associated with the auto adjusting:

  • Auto-adjust layout
Enable/disable auto adjusting
  • Layout sorting [Group | Class | Role]
By group, by class, or by role (tank,melee,healer,ranged)
  • Show pets
Show pets at the end
  • Show tanks
Show tanks at the beginning
  • Show pet spacer
Put a blank spacer between players and pets
  • Show tank spacer
Put a blank spacer between tanks and players
  • Units per column [5 to 40]
Allows you to the change the number of units per column so you could create 1 or 2 long rows.
  • Class order
If you like to see certain classes shown first, you can change it here
  • Pet order
Same as class order, only this one you could also remove let's say warlock pets to hide them. You could also add mage or even priest pets if you really want to see temporary pets.
  • BlizzTank order
Same as above
  • Columns before pets/tanks hidden [5 to 20]
Column limit before we start hiding pets and tanks. For those who put Grid in a confined area.
  • Warn if pets are hidden due to maxColumnsBeforeHide
Shows a warning in you chat window when pets are being hidden
  • Warn if tanks are hidden due to maxColumnsBeforeHide
Same as above but for tanks

Tank support includes oRA, CTRA, and Blizzard.

NEW: Now allows you to sort by Role. The order is Tanks, Melee, Healers, Ranged. This uses a new library I made to make querying talents a little easier and less problematic.


  1. Download and install: Grid
  2. Download: GridLayoutPlus
  3. Unzip the file into the Addons folder just like any other mod (do not install it in the Grid folder).
  4. When in game, right click the Grid icon, and go to Layouts, then Raid Layouts and select one of the new "plus" layouts.
  5. Also in the layout menu there is a toggle for "Auto adjust group layout". Keep it enabled for your group layouts to automatically change depending on the raid configuration.

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