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Adds "combat log damage" status to Grid.
TOC 2.4 (20402)
Category UnitFrame Addons
Author Pachelbel
Version 1.1 (Build $Rev$)
Credits Meloeth
Embeds Ace2, RosterLib
Dependencies Grid
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye


This is an alert plugin for Grid, so Grid is required to use this addon. This module parses the combat log for damage and healing events and adds a timed duration alert to Grid for it, which can be tied to an indicator.

This module was inspired by Meloeth's InstantHealth addon. I tried InstantHealth, and really liked it, but had a few minor issues and decided that I could do with something a little simpler.

The basic premise is that UNIT_HEALTH events are batched at the server, and you receive one from the server roughly every 1/3 of a second. These UNIT_HEALTH events control the updating of all your health bars, including those in Grid. Combat log events are sent as soon as they occur. By parsing the combat log events for damage and healing, you can get slightly faster information about who needs healing.

Meloeth's InstantHealth mod overrides the default Blizzard UnitHealth() API and UNIT_HEALTH events. This can cause tainting in certain Blizzard interfaces (like TargetOfTarget) and cause issues for other addons, particularly "damage meter" type addons. It can also lead to a performance hit because of all the extra health updates.

This Grid addon attempts to strike a balance by giving you an early indicator without being so intrusive.

What it does

This module gives you a timed duration alert whenever someone in your party/raid takes damage (as indicated by the combat log). The alert stays active for a configurable period (the default is 2 seconds). The amount of damage, or threshold, it takes to trigger the alert, is also configurable (the default is 500 hp).

By tying the alert to an indicator (like a corner square), you can potentially get a *slightly* early indicator of who has taken damage. As a healer, I liken it to the "aggro status" which can sometimes provide an early indicator of who is about to take damage. You can also tie it to a textual indicator to see the amount of damage reported by the combat log event.

I find it useful. Your mileage may vary. Meloeth's InstantHealth addon is awesome, and if you don't use Grid, or don't want to deal with the setting up Grid to use a seperate alert, you should really try it.


You can post questions/suggestions to the official WoW Ace forum thread here:


How to set the 'Status' options for the "Combat Log Damage" alert.
How to set the 'Status' options for the "Combat Log Damage" alert.
How to set the 'Frame' indicator to trigger for the "Combat Log Damage" alert.
  1. Download and install: Grid
  2. Download: GridStatusCombatLogDmg
  3. Unzip the file into the Addons folder just like any other mod (do not install it in the Grid folder).
  4. When in game, right click the Grid icon (it should be located around your mini-map), and go to Status and Frame menus and configure the status and an indicator for it.
    1. Under the 'Status' menu, select the "Combat Log Damage" status, and configure the color, priority, threshold, and duration of the status.
    2. Under the 'Frame' menu, select the indicator to use for the "Combat Log Damage" status, and enable the "Combat Log Damage" status for that indicator.

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