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Adds pipes which can control arbitary other statuses (like toggle status on key or "in combat"-state).
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Author Julith
Version 0.31
Dependencies Grid
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye


This addon provides further control possibilities for any other Grid status. By now the following controls are available:

  • show or hide status on key press
  • show or hide status in or out of combat

How does it work

Like the name says, the addon works like a pipe, this means if you have a status, lets say the "Name"-Status which should only be shown at the text indicator of Grid if a certain key is pressed then you whould do the following. Lets use pipe one for this example:

Every pipe consists of an indicator and a status. You whould now register the the "Name"-status with the indicator of pipe one, this way the "Name"-status is forwarded into pipe one. Now you have to plug pipe one into the destination (the text indicator). This is done by registering the status of pipe one with the text indicator. So what you have done is the following:

[name status] -> [pipe 1 indicator] -> [pipe 1 status] -> [text indicator]

Now you can configure the control for the pipe at the settings for status of pipe one. To make the names be shown when a key is hit you whould just set the certain key at "Key for pipe" setting.


  • The reaction of the key depends on the duration you keep the key pressed. This means, if you keep the key pressed for more than 300ms the key will react as "while key is pressed", otherwise it will react like "toggle on key press".
  • The color, priority, active and range options of the pipe status doesn't have any effect (by now).
  • The options for the pipe status are "AND"-linked. This means the evaluation of every option has to be true to make the pipe not blocking the source state.
  • Of course you should NOT register the status of a pipe at the indicator of the same pipe. I didn't try it but probably the universe whould collapse! What you can do is registering the status of one pipe at the indicator of another pipe...if you have fun doing this :)