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Status indicator that shows you your healing priorities.
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category UnitFrame Addons
Author Peragor
Version $Rev$
OptionalDeps Ace2, RosterLib, LibBanzai-2.0, SpecialEventsEmbed, SpecialEvents-Aura-2.0, LibBabble-Spell-3.0, Threat-2.0, LibHealComm-3.0, oRA2, CT_RaidAssist
Dependencies Grid
Releases WoWI
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye


This is a Status plugin for Grid, so Grid is required to use this addon.

I've seen people request bringing in the Squishy feature where it highlights the person you should be healing based on a priority system. Maia & Pastamancer's stance seemed to be to have someone else write it as a seperate module, so I made the attempt. This is my first mod so be kind.

What it does

It keeps track of the first and second priority units and highlights them with color so you know which unit could use your healing the most.


  1. Download and install: Grid
  2. Download: GridStatusHealPriority
  3. Unzip the file into the Addons folder just like any other mod (do not install it in the Grid folder).
  4. When in game, right click the Grid icon and make sure the Healer: First Priority & Healer: Second Priority status modules are enabled.
  5. Then go to frames, then border, and enable Heal Priority: 1st and Heal Priority: 2nd and disable the other statuses that you don't need.

Complimentary Addons

How to Use

When you are in range of a raid member who has taken damage or has a high potential for taking damage soon, then the unit's border will light up. A second "duller" border will light up for a unit who has the next highest priority. Basically when you are able to heal, heal the highest priority with the appropriate healing spell, and prepare to heal the second highest priority while the current cast is finishing. The second priority unit might change around while you are casting.

Make sure you ask your raid leader to set Main Tanks with oRA2 or CT_RaidAssist, since it will raise the priority of those units.

Also if you want to raise the priority on a single unit (if you are assigned to keep someone alive), you can set your focus to that unit using /focus.


Instead of only going by health percentages, the following statuses are used to weight the unit:

  • Is In Combat (focus heals on the warrior who is trying to get aggro rather then the warlock who hasn't engaged)
  • Is In Range (filter out people you can't heal due to range)
  • Is In Party (heal people in your own groups first)
  • Is Main Tank (prioritize if the unit is a oRA/CTRA main tank)
  • Is Focus Unit (prioritize if the unit is the player's focus unit - /focus)
  • Is Out Of Mana (lower priority on healing mana users as they get close to being out of mana)
  • Has Aggro (prioritize if they have aggro since they will probably be taking more damage soon)
  • Has Incoming Heal (lower priority if they already have an incoming heal from another healer)
  • Has PW Shield (lower priority if they have a power word shield on them)
  • Has WSG Flag (prioritize for flag carriers in wsg)
  • Has Nasty Debuff (if the unit has a certain debuff, it becomes a higher priority)
  • Has healing prevention debuff (don't prioritize)
  • Has high threat

Also, to avoid healers focusing their heals all on the same target, I took the class modifier idea from Squishy but modified it a little.

Priests focus on critical raid members:

  1. Warriors
  2. Druids, Priests, Mages
  3. (raid)

Paladins & Shaman focus on raid members who typically take a lot of damage:

  1. Priests
  2. Warriors, Paladins, Shamans, Rogues
  3. (raid)

Druids focus on raid members who have a lot of health:

  1. Paladins & Shaman
  2. Warriors, Druids, Warlocks & Hunters
  3. (raid)

Subgroup prioritization:

  • If group 2 has 3 healers and no tanks or melee, and group 5 has no healers but 3 rogues, then group 5 units will have a higher priority then g2 units. Basically the more healers a group has, the lower the priority, and the more tanks & melee units a group has, the higher the priority.

To Do

  • Add healing spell recommendations, mostly from suggestions made by Maia.


All credit should go to Maia for the code I borrowed from Squishy and Pastamancer and Maia for providing all the tools in Grid to be able to write this plugin.

I also looked at VisualHeal & GridStatusIncomingHealth to learn how to use the HealComm and IncomingHealsLib libraries.