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Adds "line of sight" status to Grid (after the error occurs).
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category UnitFrame Addons
Author Pachelbel
Version 1.1 (Build $Rev$)
Dependencies Grid
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye


This is a alert plugin for Grid, so Grid is required to use this addon. This module catches the "Line of Sight" error event and adds a timed duration alert to Grid for it (after the error occurs), which can be tied to an indicator.

This module is *NOT* going to tell you who is currently out of line of sight. It's only going to provide a configuable duration indicator for who was out of line of sight the last time you tried to cast a spell on them.

What it does

I mainly use it in BGs when I am spamming heals in an area. The indicator, which I have set to stay visible for 8secs, reminds me this person was out of LoS (probably in a tower or bunker) even though they were in range, and I either need to move to find them, or ignore them in heals for a while. I sometimes miss the built in LoS error text message that pops up because I'm focused on my Grid frame, or I get confused about which of the 40 players I had LoS errors on 3 casts ago, and having an indicator pop up in Grid helps.

It's also useful in raids where LoS errors are frequent, like TK and SSC.

I find it useful. Your mileage may vary.


I've been trying to expand its usefulness by adding an alert on the target's Grid frame if the target has one. I think a player might like to know that a healer tried to heal him, but he was out of LoS -- especially if he's a tank. And since it would be configurable he could turn the indicator on or off as he saw fit.


How to set the 'Status' options for the LoS alert.
How to set the 'Frame' indicator to trigger for the LoS status.
  1. Download and install: Grid
  2. Download: GridStatusLineOfSight
  3. Unzip the file into the Addons folder just like any other mod (do not install it in the Grid folder).
  4. When in game, right click the Grid icon (it should be located around your mini-map), and go to Status and Frame menus and configure the status and an indicator for it.
    1. Under the 'Status' menu, select the "Line Of Sight" status, and configure the color, priority, and duration of the status.
    2. Under the 'Frame' menu, select the indicator to use for the "Line Of Sight" status, and enable the "Line Of Sight" status for that indicator.

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