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Grouper LFG
Looking For Group auto-listing and auto-joining
TOC 2.0 (20003)
Category Interface Enhancements Addons
Author Karl The Pagan
Version 0.9
OptionalDeps Ace2, Bits, Babble-2.2, DewdropLib, FuBar, FuBarPlugin-2.0, TabletLib, TouristLib, Quixote
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Grouper is semi-abandoned. Its current needs are:

  1. goals
  2. proper use-case information
  3. separation of roles into modules or separate mods (LFG browsing vs auto-LFG)
  4. analysis of LFG API interactions and decision how much to use the Blizzard LFG framework

Use-Case Information

Players primary function to grouping is the efficient leveling (increasing character level or increasing gear level). Leveling/questing scenarios:

  • when accepting a group quest players may want to immediately group for that quest
    • possibly filter based on recommended group size
  • when completing kill objectives players may want to immediately group with players completing the same quest in close proximity
  • when below max level players (with large amounts of rested exp?) desire instancing
  • when players have quests for specific instances they desire these instances

Gearing up scenarios:

  • players with specific patterns/skills want to run heroics for nethers / badges
    • surefooted enchant
    • > 365 tailoring
    • > 365 blacksmith
    • > 365 leatherworking
  • players with certain ilevel gear may or may not wish to attend certain dungeons
  • players with reputation goals may desire certain instances over others

Alt support:

  • alts below max level (with large amounts of rested exp?) may motivate players to seek groups for them
  • special rules for twink characters
    • aggressive experience gain avoidance?

Raiding scenario:

  • during 10/25 man raid:
    • waitlist support/availability information
    • waitlist to support alts
    • waitlist visibility to attendees
    • morale indicator (replace me please etc)
    • loot desire indicators for group members and waitlist members

PvP scenario:

  • arena team auditions
    • specific class/spec requirements, combinations which lead to small-scale success
    • hp / resil requirements
  • battleground preform organization
    • role requirements
    • hp / resil requirements


  • General:
    • allow the player to weight their grouping preferences based on relationship information present in game and available from other mods
  • Group Availability:
    • help the player in publishing their availability for grouping
    • help the player easily specify the type of group they desire
    • help the player identify their desired playstyle to group leaders
  • Group Building:
    • help the player rapidly form a pick up group which will quickly achieve its goals
    • allow the player to customize their group, interrupting the automated work-flow and automated decisions with their own


Rules will have a condition and a function result to compare against one of many gates:

  • conditions:
    • filter - indicates presence/absence in list
    • regex filter - regexes against metadata in list
    • dynamic multiplier - presence/absence with argument value
  • functions:
    • multiply,add,substract static amount
    • multiply,add,substract argument value
  • gates (customizable):
    • "dislike level" - exceeds 20%
    • "pug level" - exceeds 40%
    • "help level" - exceeds 60%
    • "trust level" - exceeds 80%

Possible AddOn Integration

  • Alt/Rested experience info
    • RestFu?
  • Loot desire indicators
    • cartographer?

Client Integration

  • Guild - filter
  • Social list - filter


  • Interface:
    • Single click LFG - toggles between 2 or 3 states: DND, post availability, enqueue (config)
  • Automation:
    • Auto LFG promotion after login (config)
    • Auto LFG demotion when afk
    • Auto LFG promotion after accepting group quest (config)
    • LFG preferences: instances / quests / zones (needs much work)
    • Selective LFG demotion when on flightpath
  • Communication:
    • Broadcast availability to guild
    • Broadcast availability via Call To Arms channel/protocol (interop if present)
    • Broadcast availability to LFG channel
    • Include vital statistics in availability (complex)

Group Building

  • Interface:
    • "player inventory" interface - specify traits needed, roles to fill, reserve spots
    • auto-invite spots reserved by name
    • whisper players inviting
    • auto-accept options for Grouper client?
  • Communication:
    • monitor client LFG queues (needs much work, is automation possible?)
    • monitor guild availability via chat
    • monitor availability via LFG / trade / custom channel
    • monitor availability via Call To Arms (interop if present)
  • Client Integration:
    • optionally enqueue until unreserved spots are full
    • optionally invite players in queue / not in queue
    • interrogate players in queue, posting availability if they signal Grouper available (req complex client solution)