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Another HUD addon
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category UnitFrame Addons
Authors Iceroth, continued by Parnic
Version 1.2 ($Revision$)
Embeds Ace2, LibSharedMedia-3.0, Waterfall-1.0, Deformat, LibDogTag-3.0, LibDogTag-Unit-3.0, LibDruidMana-1.0
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

IceHUD is a HUD addon designed to be highly configurable and non-intrusive.

Official forum thread with more info is here:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I show the player/target unit frames?

Type /icehud, expand the "Module Settings" section, click "Player Health" or "Target Health," and un-check "Hide Blizzard Frame"

How do I turn off click-targeting and menus on the player bar?

Type /icehud, expand the "Module Settings" section, click "Player Health," un-check "Allow click-targeting."

How do I hide the HUD or change its transparency based on combat, targeting, etc.?

Type /icehud, check the "Transparency Settings" section. Nearly any combination of states should be available for tweaking.

Even if the rest of the HUD is transparent, the health percentages seem to show up. Why?

Type /icehud, expand the "Module Settings" section, expand "Player Health," click "Text Settings," look for options about keeping the lower/upper text blocks alpha locked. If the text is alpha locked, it will not drop below 100%, otherwise it respects its bar's transparency setting. Player Health/Mana, Target Health/Mana, and pet bars should all have these options.

Is there any way to see combo points for Rogues and Druids or sunder applications for Warriors?

Yes, check the "combo points" and "sunder count" modules in the /icehud configuration panel. (Note that these modules may not show up if you're not of the appropriate class to see them. They should be present for their respective classes, however.)

Any plans for a range finder?

Not right now, but it's been requested a lot, so we'll see.