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Statusbar timers for your flightpaths.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Interface Enhancements Addons
Author TotalPackage
Version 2.4.013
Embeds DewdropLib, LibSharedMedia-3.0
OptionalDeps Ace2, LibStub
Dependencies InFlight_Load
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

InFlight is a simple flight timer mod. It simply serves as a lightweight alternative to other flight mods that does the same thing; in most cases, InFlight will do a lot less (which is the main motivation behind InFlight).




Current features:

  • Auto-dismount (readded)
  • Auto-unshift - automatically remove shapeshift forms (new for 2.1)
  • Take-off confirmation
  • Many customization options for the look for the timer bar
  • Automatically records a map note for flight master locations (requires Cartographer_Notes)
  • Support for Druid-only, Plaguewood Tower, and other special flight paths (needs localization data for non enUS clients)
  • Already has most of the default data; automatically adds new or updates current data

How to use:

  • InFlight is now LoadOnDemand.
  • InFlight_Load is required for InFlight to work, but InFlight_Load doesn't require InFlight.
  • InFlight_Load handles/saves Cartographer_Notes data
  • "/inflight", right-click on the timer bar, or check interface options to customize
  • Shift left-click and drag to move the timer bar

Features that won't be implemented (so don't ask):

  • Saving flight costs data (Do you need to know if you have to walk instead?)
  • Detailed tooltips (Which points does this connect to? All.)
  • Saving/showing info on which flights are known (still thinking of an easy way to do this)
  • ...check out similar mods below for these features

Similar mods:

Quartz users: If you prefer Quartz's casting bar as your flight bar, don't use InFlight. I suggest using ToFu instead.

Official discussion thread: WoWAce forums