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Jason's PartyQuest
View your party members' QuestLogs
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Quest Addons
Author JASlaughter
Version 1.04
Embeds Ace2, ChatThrottleLib, DewdropLib
OptionalDeps LightHeaded
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

JasonQuest (JQuest) is an addon that allows you to share and view questlogs between party JQuest users.

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  • Full display of members' quests, including objective status, reward items and money
  • Automatically track member quests just like the player questlog
  • Receive notifications in your chatlog of member quest updates
  • Request quest shares from members, with notification of result (already completed, not eligible, etc)
  • Minimap button only appears when in debug mode, or other members have JQuest
  • Familiar look and feel as it emulates Blizzard's quest log
  • Double-Wide mode similar to Iriel's DoubleWide mod
  • Quest levels and 'other members on quest' shown in brackets
  • Mousing over a member's tab will show their XP status
  • FuBar support via JasonQuestFu
  • LightHeaded support via JasonQuestLH


  • Yes, party members that want to share QuestLogs need to have this mod!

Simply click on the minimap book icon (when in a party or debug mode) to open the JasonQuest log frame. There will be a tab for each party member along the side with portraits - red for no data and full-color for any data. Just click the tab to see their log.

Once in the log, clicking Synchronize will send what quests you have listed for a member, and that member's JQuest should send back the missing quests.

Clicking Share Quest will ask the other member's JQuest to share a quest that you don't have with you.


  • Double-Wide Code: Iriel <iriel@vigilance-committee.org>
  • Core comm handler: Quixote, created by Kemayo
  • Minimap button: MiniButtLib, created by DarkImakuni, who credited Gello

Credit Note: This AddOn was created for my internal use with my family while leveling up together. In the process, I looked at Quixote and QuestLogFrame.lua. Since the AddOn wasn't meant for public consumption at first, I may have missed giving credit where credit is due. Please know that this is not intentional and a simple email letting me know I've missed a credit is all that's needed to get the insertion.

To Do

  • Quest timers (maybe)

Known Issues

If it's in this list, rest assured I'm aware of it and looking for solutions. If you've been able to solve one yourself, please let me know and I'll incorporate it ASAP along with proper credit.

  • Sometimes Blizzard doesn't update the questlog objectives quickly enough, and you end up with objectives like " : 0/5"
  • Expanding / Collapsing quests changes quests available through the Blizzard API, and it makes the QUEST_LOG_UPDATE event unreliable. Because of timing issues with this event, sometimes the last quest will be selected in the log. (Blizzard really should separate the Log Frame UI from the API...)