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Periodic Table

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Lib: PeriodicTable-3.1
Library of compressed itemid sets.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Libraries
Author Nymbia
Version 3.1
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye


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Before reading this description, please brush up on your chemistry knowledge (Don't fear, it's short and painless)

Periodic Table is an Ace alternative to ReagentData (with some added extras). Like most Ace addons it's focus is low resource usage. PT is a library for managing sets of items (ex: mounts, food, minipets) for other addons.

If you are looking for an Ace'd alternative to ReagentInfo (the tooltip display) check out Mendeleev by MoonWolf, which you can find on Curse or WoWI.

Please note this is not a direct Ace'd version of ReagentData, I used RD's base data as a good portion of the set info, but this mod is not designed to be a drop-in replacement. One of the major points of this mod is an attempt to push more people into using ItemID's in their mods, not item-name strings. Another big point is that not all the data in RD was used, and data from a number of other sources was included. Check the lua files for more details on where data was pulled from.

All of the set info from RD has been converted over. Items are no longer referenced by name strings, but rather by ItemID. This gives two advantages: lower memory requirements and automatic localization (ItemIDs are locale-independent). Tradeskill recipes were not converted as I didn't see much need for them and they were not the functionality this mod was aiming to provide. Item sets are stored as a space-delimited string and parsed out into a table only if requested. This speeds up load time and ensures that memory is only used for sets that are actively used. As a comparison with Warmup, RD pulls 1202 KiB and takes 0.362 sec to load, where PT takes 66 KiB and 0.007 seconds (on my crappy slow system).

If you are interested in using PT with your mod feel free to read the source code (there's not a lot). The comments will tell you everything you need to know.


PeriodicTable's "modules" are simply sets of sets. If the user doesn't see need for, say, the raid loot set they can simply delete it to free resources. Granted, they're only freeing about 4KiB if the sets aren't used, but hey if it makes them feel better ^^

  • Elements - Misc unsorted or incomplete sets
  • Ahn'Qiraj - Class token data for AQ20 and AQ40
  • Equip Sets - Equipment sets, Tier-1, Zandalar tribe rewards, etc
  • Food - Sets containing food data including type (fruit, fungus, meat, etc), quality (raw, normal, well fed, stats) and HP-recovery info
  • Instance - Loot tables for instances and the bosses in those instances (only higher-level instances currently)
  • Raid - Loot tables for raids and the bosses in those raids
  • Tradeskill - Sets for what items are gathered or used by which tradeskills and gatherskills
  • Zul'Gurub : Class token data for ZG

Also included is a module to import the food tables into Feed-O-Matic. If you do not want this functionality for some reason, delete FeedomaticPlugin.lua