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Please see LibStub on WoWWiki

Embedding specifics for Ace3

Specifically for Ace3 libraries, any library capable of being embedded should provide an :Embed(target) method. The library will then be embeddable during creation of the addon object via :New("MyAddon", lib1, lib2, lib3...).

Libraries wanting to receive signals from AceAddon-3.0 addons regarding enabling/disabling may additionally provide the following functions:

  •  :OnEmbedInitialize(addon)
  •  :OnEmbedEnable(addon)
  •  :OnEmbedDisable(addon)

Note that the library should not export these functions on embed; just having them publically reachable in the library itself is enough.

These functions will be called on addon init/enable/disable for all libraries embedded during creation of the addon object. Libraries :Embed()ed later on will not receive them.