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At the top of each library (.lua file), you should have the following header:

Name: <Library Name>-<Version>
Revision: $Rev: 256 $
Author(s): <Author1> (<Author1's email address>)
    <Author2> (<Author2's email address>)
    <Author3> (<Author3's email address>)
Inspired By: <Other Project> by <Other Author> (Other Author's email address)
Website: <>
Documentation: <>
SVN: <svn://>
Description: <Short description
    of your library, what it
    does, etc.>
License: <License of the code>
Dependencies: <Dep1>, <Dep2>, <Dep3>, (optional) <Dep4>
  • "Inspired By:" part is optional, everything else should be there.
  • "Documentation:" should be a direct link to the documentation.
  • "Website:" does not necessarily have to be a direct link to the file.
  • "SVN:" is optional but recommended.
  • "Author(s):", the order does not necessarily matter, just expect the top author to be emailed first.
  • "Dependencies:" does include AceLibrary if you use it. If a dependency is optional, the form is (optional) <DepName>. If you have absolutely no dependencies (this includes AceLibrary), write "Dependencies: None".
  • "License:" is optional, and if unspecified, then All Rights Reserved is assumed. It is recommended your library is put under Public Domain, MIT, BSD, or LGPL v2.1.

Here is an example for Dewdrop.

Name: Dewdrop-2.0
Revision: $Rev: 3000 $
Author(s): ckknight (
Description: A library to provide a clean dropdown menu interface.
Dependencies: AceLibrary
License: LGPL v2.1