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LilSparky's Workshop v0.51
Provides Auction-derived prices for Trade Skills
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Tradeskill Addons
Author lilsparky
Version 0.51
OptionalDeps Auctioneer, Auc-Advanced, Enchantrix, AdvancedTradeSkillWindow, Informant, KC_Items, Skillet, SellFish, ItemPriceTooltip, Valuation, ItemDataCache, TradeskillInfoUI, LibPeriodicTable-3.1
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

LilSparky's Workshop is a tradeskill addon designed to plug into the World of Warcraft trade skill and crafting frames (also supports Slarti's "Advanced Trade Skill Window" mod as well as "Skillet").

Using data from the Auctioneer addon (and Enchantrix if available), LilSparky's Workshop will calculate how much a crafted item might be worth (its value) and how much it costs to craft or enchant an item (its cost). As an added convenience, the character level requirements for any crafted item are also displayed.


The data is layed out as follows:



Level is pretty self explanatory. Enchant item level requirements are not represented here, just player levels for items.

Item levels are color-coded based on item rarity.


Value is determined by querying Auctioneer for a market price and vendor price, then querying Enchantrix (which also queries Auctioneer) for a disenchant value (if any). The results are compared and an item's "fate" is determined -- basically, which of the three prices is highest. The value has a single letter suffix to indicate the fate of the item: 'a' for auction, 'v' for vendor, 'd' for disenchanting.

Left clicking on the value column will cycle the displayed value (best price, auction price, vendor price, disenchant price) should you wish to see any particular value (for example, if you're just interested in disenchant values).

Right clicking on the value column will toggle between real values and values as a percent of cost.

Items worth more than their cost have the value highlighted.

Crafting recipes (ie, enchanting) often don't have values.


Cost is determined by iterating through the materials needed to create the item or enchant. Auction data is used to find market prices. Where auction data is unavailable, vendor selling prices are used (that is, how much it would cost to purchase that item from a vendor). The better your auctioneer database, the more accurate the cost.

Mousing over the item cost will show a tooltip with a price breakdown for each reagent.


LilSparky's Workshop relies on an auction scanner to get auction prices and vendor price lists for the vendor pricing system.


Auctioneer and the newer Auc-Advanced are both supported. If Auctioneer and AucAdvanced are both loaded, then each will be queried and the item prices will reflect the combined data set (weighted by the number of item instances in each database). Vendor prices are povided by Informant (part of the Auctioneer suite).

KC Items

KC_Items/SellValues/AuctionSpy is currently supported as beta with mixed results.

Optional Dependencies

LilSparky's workshop is designed to take advantage of a number of other mods.


To get disenchant values, Enchantrix must be loaded, but LilSparky's Workshop will run fine without it -- of course, only vendor and auction prices will be considered.

Advanced Trade Skill Window

LilSparky's Workshop will integrate seamlessly with Slarti's Advanced Trade Skill Window.


LilSparky's Workshop is fully Skillet aware and has the added benefit of plugging into the Skillet sort method system to provide four additional sorting schemes:

Item Level (highest items first)
Item Value (currently displayed value -- ie, best, auction, vendor, or disenchant; most expensive first)
Reagent Cost (cheapest first)
Item Profit (in terms simple terms of (best item value) - (reagent cost); highest first)

When plugging into Skillet, LilSparky's Workshop will not show item levels. Instead, item levels can be shown directly through a Skillet option.

Screen Shots

(not necessarily up to date)

LSW BlizzardUI.jpg LSW skillet.jpg

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