Magic Marker

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Magic Marker
Automated smart raid marking to speed up trash clearing in instance runs
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Raid Addons
Author NeoTron
Version 1.0
Embeds Ace3, LibBabble-Zone-3.0, LibLogger-1.0, MagicComm
OptionalDeps MobNotes
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Magic Marker lets you easily classify and mark mobs simply by moving the mouse over them. This allows incredibly fast marking once of trash groups. Although not necessary for the addon to function, you can configure the priority and crowd control methods you wish to use on a per mob basis. You can also customize the marks to use for tank targets and each crowd control method. This allows for consistent marking of targets to tank and crowd control in raid and party situations


  • Mob-level configuration to specify the priority, desired category (i.e Tank or Crowd Control) and an ordered list of crowd control methods.
  • Prioritized raid icon configuration for tank targets and all crowd control methods.
  • Marks targets in priority order simply my mousing over them.
  • Automatically learn about new mobs, marking them for easy configuration at a later point.
  • Ability to unmark and mark targets manually at the press of a button.
  • Ability to ignore mobs you don't want to mark.
  • Never use more raid icons for a specific CC method than there are members of the class in the raid/party (i.e if there are two mages in the raid, there will never be more than 2 targets marked for sheeping).
  • Option to honor 3rd party marks (learns them).
  • Option to preserve marks on the raid.
  • Ability to save a template of the marks on the raid and recall them (not persistant).
  • Ability to mark members of the raid based on some rules (currently can mark decursers and decursers+shamans - both intended for Archimonde).
  • Full fledged dynamically generated UI to configure all the details (while using minimal amount of memory).
  • Automatically learns the type of CC methods that works on a mob.
  • Network syncing for marking, unmarking and sharing of the mob database and mark/cc settings.
  • Clears used marks when mob dies.
  • Send a list of marks, mob name and kill/cc method to the raid.
  • Too much to list... :)


  • Add support for MobSpells (extra, but useful, information).
  • Ability to limit "smart CC marking" to the groups actually present in the instance (as well as an option to ignore offline members).
  • Additional keybindings to manipulate mobs without opening the mob database (makes initial configuration and adjustments easier).
  • Rewrite target (re)prioritization code to be smarter with the help of the new mob GUIDs.
  • Ability to select minimum number of mobs to always tank.
  • Add a "nuke" CC method (for things like the scouts in SWP and ZA).
  • Ability to assign tanks / CCers per symbol (and/or do it automatically - use oRA2 MT list for tanks, and smart order for others (i.e hibernate = boomkin => resto => feral)).
  • Ability to exclude certain specs from CC counts (i.e never count a feral druid for hibernate).
  • Add separate tank/cc priorities (some mobs might have low priority for crowd control but should die first when not crowd controlled) - might not do this (can usually be emulated using a single priority by making all tanked targets lower priority than the CC'd targets).
  • Add a version query and ability for a leader to request from other addon users in the raid to go into complete slave mode (the recipient has to accept this change).
  • Block use of BigWigs specific raid icon when engaged in a boss fight.
  • Ability to mark key players: Started working on this feature but it's not complete. Add more things like "mark all healers", "mark all tanks" etc.

Comments, Questions, Suggestions

I welcome any comments, questions and suggestiosn you might have. You can talk to me in at channel #wowace or use the forum topic here:

Usage Instructions

First bind keys to the three addon functions in the normal key binding UI. To mark a target, hold in the ALT button while mousing over it. New mobs will automatically be added to the configuration UI. You open the config UI with the /magic command or via the /ace3 command. These are the functions:

  • Reset raid targets: Clears the list of recorded markings, and resets all raid targets..
  • Mark selected target: Mark a single target using the normal rules.
  • Unmark selected target: Unmark your target and remove from the list of of marks.
  • Open config UI: Same as the /magic command.


Some screenshots showing the configuration menu (note: still under developement, they might not be up to date anymore when you view this page):