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What Is Ace?
Logo blue new.gif Ace is a lightweight and powerful system for building World of Warcraft addons. Ace provides developers with the tools needed by most addons, freeing them from repeating common tasks and allowing them to jump right into the creative part of building their addons. New and experienced addon coders alike can benefit from Ace's features.

WowAce's Plans for the Future

Today is the day that the below plans go into action. Please be patient while we transition to the new site.

I'm moving the status messages here, as I've locked the forums.

A few months ago I outlined an massive site upgrade in this thread. (link dead due to locked forums) The date has moved several times as we've toiled and waited for the stars to align. However, I am pleased to announce that today is the day we carry out the announcement. As a result the site will be disabled in portions while we handle things. We ask for all of your patience as we work today to achieve the transition. We hope it will be a smooth day.

I'll be updating this post and responding here through out the day.


  • Babysitting Impex..... le sigh - 6:50pm CST
  • Locking Forums - 6:45pm CST
  • Starting to do forums import - 5:20pm CST
  • Suplemental and post-processing done! - 5:15pm CST
  • Repo import script done! woot! - 4:45pm CST
  • Waiting for scripts to run... long script is long... - 11:50am CST
  • Started file import - 11:50am CST
  • Disabled fisheye - 11:30am CST
  • Disabled svn writes on - 10:20am CST
  • Project Import - 10:20am CST
  • Prepwork - 9:00am CST

  • Got a mod idea you want to share? New (or old) coder in need of a mod idea to write? Visit Talk:Ideas for New Mods
  • What is the SVN?
  • Ace Wiki:About
  • Ace Wiki:Sandbox - Please use this page for testing any wiki markup. It'll help keep the articles themselves clean.
    Do not expect anything in the Sandbox to be kept safe: If you need to draft something, I suggest you use your user page (User:YourName) or create a "sub-page" of your username, e.g. User:YourName/Dev.