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Retooled Professions
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Tradeskill Addons
Author Nymbia
Version 2.0
Credits Thanks to damjau(koKR), cwdg(zhCN), Emmanuel Pelletier(frFR), Farook and Rorwin(deDE), and everyone who's contributed defaults.
Embeds Ace2, DewdropLib, FuBarPlugin-2.0, LibPeriodicTable-3.1, Stitch-1.1, TabletLib
OptionalDeps FuBar, KC_Items
Releases WoWI
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Manufac is an Ace2 mod that overrides the default profession windows and replaces them with a popup menu with some extra features.


After selecting a recipe, there are many options for what action to take, and many ways to access the information you might need.

  • Recipe Name and Amount Craftable with what's in your inventory. Click this to link the item in chat.
  • Create 1. Click to cast the skill once.
  • Create X. Enter how many times to cast this skill.
  • Create All. Click to cast the skill as many times as you can with what's in your bags.
  • Non-Consumed Requirements. Listed here, if applicable, are any things you need for the skill that aren't consumed. These things include fires for cooking, rods for enchanting, anvils for smithing, etc.
  • Reagent List. Each reagent of the skill is listed, along with how many you have and how many you need per cast. Click to link the reagent.
  • Link Result. Adds a link to chat with the item or enchant that's created by this skill, along with the number created per cast if applicable.
  • Link Recipe! Creates a "link" of the whole recipe, which contains a link of the result followed by a list of the mats. (Note: the mats are not linked because you cannot have more than 3 links in a given chat message)
  • Grouping. Explained below.

"Can Make": This pseudo-category contains all the items that you have the mats for at a given time. It can be enabled or disabled in the options dropdown, or with /manu canmake.

Value Summary: If KC Items or Auctioneer is installed, Manufac can get some interesting data regarding auction house prices for tradeskill items, to help you determine if an item is worth making and selling, or if it would be more profitable to simply sell the mats. Also helpful in determining what to sell an enchant for.


  • /manufac sorttype difficulty - Set sort type to Difficulty.
  • /manufac sorttype alpha - Set sort type to Alphabetical.
  • /manufac money - Toggles the money display.
  • /manufac position (setting) - sets the menu's position.
  • /manufac offsetx (value) - set the x offset.
  • /manufac offsety (value) - set the y offset.
  • /manufac level2tooltips - Toggle showing tooltips on items in the second level (the list of all items in a category)
  • /manufac level3tooltips - Toggle showing tooltips on items in the third and fourth level (the detailed item info and reagents)
  • /manufac fubar - Toggles the FuBar plugin.
  • /manufac unsorted - Prints a list of items that are not in the defaults file.
  • /manu reset - Resets all grouping categories. Note that if you do not set these items into a category before your next reload, they will take on the default grouping again.

email suggestions, comments, and rants to Nymbia, or post them in the forum thread.