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A Collection of Automations and Interface Tweaks.
TOC 3.0 (30000)
Category Interface Enhancements Addons
Author Grennon
Version 5.0.0
Embeds Ace2, LibAbacus-3.0, DewdropLib
OptionalDeps AbacusLib
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye
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Minimalist is an attempt to replace CT_Mastermod that has grown to be more than CT_Mastermod. Basically it is a collection of miscellaneous UI tweaks and automations for building a minimal UI with minimal addons or using as the core of a compilation. Options include (but are not limited to):


  • Auto-Ignore Duels - As it says, auto ignores duel requests.
  • Auto-Repair - Similar to DurabilityFU
  • Auto-Resurrect - Automatically accepts Resurrections.
  • Auto-Sell Grey Items - Similar to Auto-Profit, though you cannot add new items, that I am aware of.
  • Auto-Skip Useless Gossips - Skips 'extra' vendor chatter and goes right to the sell screen.
  • Smart Taxi - Bypassese taxi chat box, auto dismounts and un-shifts druids.


  • Better Reputation - Displays reputation numbers on the reputation window, and displays progress, when you are awarded reputation, in the chat box.
  • Disable Gryphons - Removes the Gryphon graphic from Default action bars.
  • Display Quest Levels - Displays quest levels.
  • Fixed Inspect - Removes the distance checking on inspect.
  • Honor Progress Percent - Shows % on honor progression.


  • Fix Arrow Keys - Lets your use [Left] and [Right] to move through the text you are typing needing to hold down the [Alt] key.
  • Hide Buttons - Hides the buttons on the chat windows
  • Move Input Box - Moves the chat input box to the top of the chat frame
  • Mouse Scrolling - Enables using the mouse wheel to scroll chat frames.
  • Reduce Chat Clutter - Shortens chat channel names, IE. [Guild] becomes (G), [Party] becomes (P), etc.
  • Time Stamps - Adds a time stamp to messages.


  • Hide Clutter - Turns off the zoom in/out buttons, titles box and the sun dial.
  • Location X, Y - Adds your X, Y coordinates to the lower portion of the minimap.
  • MouseWheel Zoom - Allows you to use the mouse wheel to zoom the minimap.

Each option can be freely disabled and enabled, as needed. (Note: This information may be out of date. It is based on the Ace1 version of Minimalist, while the current version is Ace2.)