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Miss Rate
Determines your true miss rate against mobs of various levels/types.
TOC 2.1 (20100)
Category Combat Addons
Author Silowyi Dracotiri
Version 1.07
OptionalDeps Ace2, ParserLib-1.1, Dewdrop-2.0, Tablet-2.0, FuBarPlugin-2.0, Crayon-2.0
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

MissRate tracks your swings and misses by your current hit rating, mob level, mob type (elite, normal, boss, etc...), and skill name.

Known Issues

  1. Not differentiating between abilities that do physical damage and spells that don't. Consequently spell miss rate isn't being calculated correctly.
  2. Not considering hit rate buffs/debuffs applied by mobs (Heroic Presence is considered though).
  3. Not considering weapon skill, more data needed.

Useful Links

Please report bugs through WoWAce Trac.

Or you can check out the MissRate Official Forum Thread.