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Mr Plow
Regain that wasted space!
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Inventory Addons
Author Wobin
Version a/R.6
Embeds Ace2, TabletLib, DewdropLib, FuBarPlugin-2.0, LibPeriodicTable-3.1
OptionalDeps FuBar
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Got an inventory that's scattered hither and yon? Willy nilly even? Well Mr Plow is the addon for you.

At the moment, it's both a restacker, and a defragger. It can find all the unfilled stacks of matching items in your inventory and attempt to restack them to save as much space as possible. It can also swap around items (physically, mind you) to leave all space at the 'bottom'. Works well with OneBag as that deals with one large window, but will have no effect on any system that doesn't actually use the physical slots of the bags (ie EngInv etc), but then, you'd have less of an issue with defragging with those addons.


/mrplow stack 
restack your inventory
/mrplow plow 
defrag your inventory
/mrplow sort 
sort your inventory
/mrplow gag 
toggle output spam
/mrplow direction 
toggle direction of plow
/mrplow report 
find out which way he's facing, what items you have ignored, and the status of your bankstacking
/mrplow theworks 
The whole kit and caboodle
/mrplow bankstack 
moves items from your bags to your bank
/mrplow bankstackstyle 
Changes the way MrPlow moves items from your bag to bank
/mrplow ignore add|del|clear 
Add, deletes or clears your ignore list, shiftclick items into the list from your inventory, or from the 'report' (can handle more than one)
/mrplow ignore bag|bankbag add|del|clear 
Add delete or clear your bag ignore list for your bags or bankbags
/mrplow ignore slot add|del|addmouse|delmouse|clear 
Adds or deletes a slot in your bags for ignoring. Using addmouse and delmouse will add or delete the slot your mouse cursor is currently over. Please note, the mouse functions will not work reliably for the bank window you will have to use the command line to properly ignore bankslots/bags.

It's also now partially configurable through the FuBar Plugin (Or if you don't have FuBar, from a minimap button)

In regards to bankstacking, there are three modes.

  1. Moves items only to fill stacks currently in your bank
  2. Moves items to fill stacks in your bank and also moves similar items to bags which contain that item
  3. Moves items to stacks, to bags, and also any free space available

It should work fine with all the 'profession' bags

The 'ignore' function basically directs MrPlow to ignore any item added to that list, so he will work around any specified item. This is so you can have your mount/special items in particular places in your inventory and not have to worry about MrPlow shifting them about.

The 'ignore (bank)bag' function allows you to specify bags to completely skip over.

It doesn't automatically run at the moment, because I've had issues with other restackers that decide to suddenly take over my cursor at inopportune times to attempt a restack (I'm looking at you Restacker...) so it's just the standard commandline run, although there's also keybindings available.