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Allows frames to be dragged around, without permanently changing their position.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Frame Modification Addons
Author Nemes
Embeds LibRock-1.0, LibRockDB-1.0, LibRockConfig-1.0, LibRockLocale-1.0, LibRockHook-1.0, LibRockEvent-1.0
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

NDragIt allows you to grab onto a frame and move it around. When the frame is closed, it is reset back to its original position.

Where do I get it?

Latest version on files.wowace.com

Alternatively, you can use an Ace updater.

What frames can I move?

All of the standard UI frames are now draggable, such as: Character, Spellbook, Trade, Social, Mail, Auction, Battlefield Score, Quest, Loot, Trade, Merchant, Stable, Guild Bank

In addition, a couple of annoying addons are now draggable: Ludwig, Lootlink, DBM

How do I configure it?

NDragIt is configured via the Rock options menu. You can bring that up with the slash command: /ndi or /ndragit or /dragit.

But I want to drag a frame not listed!

In order to make a frame draggable, you need to know its name. The console command /nfi will show the name of the frame under the mouse cursor.

Note the frame's name, then add it via Add in the Rock options menu.

What are the caveats?

There are some frames that don't really suit NDragIt, such as the bag frames, and inherently draggable frames like the battlefield minimap.

I suggest you play around with adding different frames; if it all goes wrong, you can always reset everything back to "factory defaults" via Profile->Reset Profile in the Rock options menu.


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