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Monitors farming efficiency
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Interface Enhancements Addons
Author Recluse@Norgannon
Version 0.7
Embeds Ace2, DewdropLib, FuBarPlugin-2.0, TabletLib, AbacusLib, ItemPrice-1.1
Dependencies FuBar
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

NiHao is currently in a very early stage. It works fine, but is lacking many features which will be added over time.

NiHao is an addon inspired by the Warcraft music video of the same name. Essentially, it tells you how much money you are making when you're out farming - whatever it is you farm for.

  • Counts cash drops from mobs
  • Converts item loots into values
  • Adds all this up and gives you both a total value and a value per hour of your farming run

Currently, NiHao will consider all items worth vendor buyback. There is a slash command to set a custom value for items if you want to override the vendor price (this is something you'll most likely want to do for more accurate gains/gains per hour display)

NiHao will not consider any money or items you loot/trade/craft/buy/sell if you have either a crafting window or vendor window open. At a later date there will be options to toggle this behavior for those who desire it.


Right click on NiHao's FuBar/Minimap icon to access the menu. Some commands are slash commands ONLY.
To set a custom value: (note, value is in copper - 1 silver = 100 copper, and so on)

/nihao set [itemlink] coppervalue

To remove a custom value:

/nihao unset [itemlink]

Opens the NiHao FuBar menu.

/nihao menu

Zeroes out the current session values.

/nihao session reset

Pauses session.

/nihao session pause

Resumes session.

/nihao session resume

Toggles session startup state.

/nihao session start paused

Future Plans

This is still up in the air, but plans are to provide something similar to this rough draft.