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The following fields are parsed by the wiki for use in templates like Template:Addon Infobox, Template:Addon Stub and Template:Addon Ministub. Many of them are also used by Ace2 when it loads your addon.

TOC Data pages are automatically generated by the SVN whenever a .toc file is changed in trunk. Please note that only one TOC file is updated per commit, so stick to the "one addon per commit" rule if you want your pages updated!

General Info

One of the standard Blizzard fields, just a "beautified" addon name.
The author of the addon, used to create wiki categories like Category:Author:Ammo. Separate multiple main authors with ", " (include a trailing space after the comma).
This is a great place to acknowledge people who have contributed to your mod. This might include the person who converted from Ace to Ace2, translation providers, or the author of the mod which yours is inspired by.
Your addon's version, of course. It is generally good practice to only put the major version in this field, $Rev$ SVN keywords usually drift out of date because the TOC must be touched for an update to occur.
Addon category, another wiki-category generating field. We recommend the Ace2 Categories, of course.
This is a special field. It's similar to the OptionalDeps field, and will have similar values. Simply put, any library you use should have it's standalone version listed in both OptionalDeps and X-Embeds. The wiki will remove any items in X-Embeds from OptionalDeps when it creates links, effectively creating a third dependency category.
This specifies the license which the actual code and content of the addon is released by, and has nothing to do with any kind of end-user license agreement. If someone wants to copy code or content from your addon, this is where they should look. BugSack, for example, is license under the CC-NC-SA license.

Release Sites

X-RelSite-WoWI, X-RelSite-Curse and X-RelSite-UI.WoW
These are used to generate external links. For each respective site you only need the addon's "ID". For example, these links IDs are 1234:
# X-RelSite-WoWI: 1234
# X-RelSite-Curse: 1234
# X-RelSite-UI.WoW: 1234

Discussion Threads

Similar to the RelSite ID's. This link's ID is '1825':
This field can take raw wiki-code. It will be appended to the Discussion field of the infobox. Useful if you want to link something besides an Ace Forum thread or a Talk page.

Bug Trackers

Another external link field. This link's value is 'tekkub':
This field can take raw wiki-code. This info will be appended in the Bugtracker field of the infobox. Useful if you want to link something besides a WoWI Portal