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This addon is the bomb, it's really usefull...

I'm not sure if you or I missed the rather obvious autosend rule "Quality" So I would be able to mail all the greens to my DE alt :) --Wheegom 11:57, 4 August 2007 (EDT)

Saving AutoSend Rules

A note about AutoSend rules:

AutoSend rules will not save to the default profile. You must specify a character or class profile before you set up any rules.

Why does the addon try to send items to the toon thats sending?

Don't know if this is a bug or a feature I need to turn off.

Also would love to see option added where it only auto sends full stacks.

Wish this ^^;

I really love this addon. Cause I used to categorize items and sent to my different toons. By the way I hoped to add one more function to BM2 Sorry, but the default destinition function is something that I have no use. It would be nicer for me if the default destinition is the last one I've sent mail. In many case people(or only me)send a mail and realize they have some more left to send to the same character. So in that case function of autofilling destinition with the last character u've sent a mail will be very handy.

Well without this function its already a great mod. I wish this function woud be considerd in future version. Thanks for the nice Mod.