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I've made the Locale-frFR.lua for french version (by Loméldor). You can find it here:

In the french locale, you should modify "Miche de pain de seigle invoqu\195\169" to "Pain de seigle invoqu\195\169" and "Miche de pain de route invoqu\195\169" to "Pain de route invoqu\195\169" and so on, always delete the "Miche de" and add and capital to pain

Is there any way you can fix the spell timers so that they stay where they're put after logout/login and so that we have the option to not display the header?

Additional customization please...?

I have been using the Cryolysis 2 Beta for a couple weeks now. I'd like to see some additional customization.

There are three fully customizable buttons. How about making the rest of the buttons more customizable as well.

  • Allow the order of the buffs to be changed.
  • Allow the choice of which buffs are right- or left-click to be altered.
  • Allow the middle click on the mount button to be selectable. (I hardly ever hearth).
  • Put a pop-up warning if you are teleporting (solo trip) while in a group. Ask if sure. Allow choices to continue with teleport, cancel the teleport, or switch to the corresponding portal spell. Popup should not appear if teleporting (solo trip) while not grouped.
  • For portal/teleport spells, allow a custom message to be used instead of the random sayings. In the custom message, provide for insertion of the teleport/portal destination.
  • Provide another set of random sayings for portal, etc. that are not as obnoxious.
  • Allow the random messages for portal, etc. to be customized/replaced.
  • On fully customizable buttons, allow each click action to be a different type of action. That is, allow left click to use a bandage, and right click to create bandages.

--Grindlebot 18:07, 7 September 2008 (EDT) edit: --Grindlebot 18:13, 7 September 2008 (EDT)