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Bang! Anti Spam: The Ultimate Spam Blocker!

Created first for myself when about 5 guilds would spam their recruitment ads in Trade repeatedly, bumping each other off, while level 1 bots tried to sell me gold and a level 20-something spammed LF4M GNOMER PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS READY GO GO x100 in Yell.

This mod will filter out customisable types of spam BEFORE you see it.

Bang! Anti Spam Features:

(All optional)

Gold spam Filtering and Automatic Reporting of those gold sellers Blocking of 'hack' and keylogger sites.

Filtering of trade chat: Optionally filters out

  • Advertisements of selectable proffessions
  • BG premades
  • Account sellers
  • Guild recruitment spam
  • Arena LF1M spam etc
  • Smart LFG filtering, block LFG/LFM in trade - but not if you join LFG.

Filtering of emotes not directed or made by you.

Filtering of drinking and dueling system messages.

The ingame menu can be reached with /bas

Curse: Bang! Anti Spam[1]

WOWI: Bang! Anti Spam [2]

Credit to: Anea (SpamSentry:

Funkydude (Badboy:

For most of the gold sites listed and the automatic reporting code respectively.