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(Needs Load-on-Demand Template)

During my conversion to Ace mods, I started wondering how long each of my mods added to my login/reloadui time. So I wrote this little bugger to find out. It will dump times into your combat log on startup and reloadUI. You can see how long each mod takes, which mod takes the longest, and each step of loadup (Loading the mods, entering the world, etc).

Oh yea, this will also time zoning across an instance.

This also hooks the ReloadUI() function (but alas not /console reloadui) and provides a /rlt command to reload with timer. If you use either of these means (but not /console reloadui) then it will time the time of the reload as well (IE it will tell you times for Reload, addons, entering world, total time)

Don't like Ace2 addons' WarmUp numbers? Check out Ace2 Memory Concerns.

Forcing Warmup to load first

Obviously, you want Warmup to load first. This is the reason the folder is named !!Warmup and not just Warmup. The problem is that the !! doesn't ensure it'll load first for everyone. If you're one of the few who's Warmup won't load first, here's what you do:

  1. Launch WoW, log in
  2. Open your warmup frame, /wu
  3. Scroll to the very top, you should have a whiney message that some addon loaded before Warmup (probably more than one)
  4. Open up <WoW Path>\\Interface\\Addons\\<That first addon> on your hard drive
  5. Find the file <That first addon>.toc, open it in a text editor
  6. Add this line: ## OptionalDeps: !!Warmup
If an "OptionalDeps" line exists, just append !!Warmup to it.

You can now exit WoW completely and re-login, Warmup should load first.