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Many, many players of World of Warcraft have heard of "Ace", and the opinions of it vary to a pretty large degree, even within the developer communities.

This article aims to lightheartedly help dispel the various myths and misconceptions about Ace2.

Ace2 is referred to as "Ace" from this point on, for simplicity's sake.

What Ace is

Ace is many things, apart from being a library system to help addon developers:

  1. Ace/Wowace.com is a community. The community is not homogenous* and aren't some weird cult intent on world domination. Mostly.
  2. Ace is a collection of addons with wildly varying abilities and purposes, and not all addons on the wowace.com SVN make great use (if at all) of the Ace libraries. Indeed, some Ace addons aren't on the SVN at all!
  3. Ace is constantly evolving, with fairly rapid addon development and turnover.

What Ace is not

  1. Ace is not ACE, ACE2 or any other weird acronym.
  2. Being "Aced" does not make an addon "better".
    1. The code and the author make it better.
    2. Choose the addon that best fits you. Try before you buy. If it's not Ace, then so be it!
    3. A smaller addon is not always the best. Ace can be misused.
    4. Efficiency is often a major philosophy of the Ace community - naturally, this may not always be achieved - again, it is a good idea to try several addons.
  3. Using Ace does not prevent you from using other addons.
  4. Ace will not magically make your crap computer non-crap. Sorry.
  5. Ace is not very complicated for the end-user. Older libraries should not normally cause problems.
  6. Ace is not a religion. Non-adherents should never be persecuted. Unless their addon is awful - but even then, help, don't insult.


* Homogenous - a fanciful way of saying 'We are not Legion, We are all individuals#'.

# I'm not.