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Graveyard for outdated info.

Dealing with Library Errors using !!!StandaloneLibs

Many thanks to Tekkub for putting this little trick together. I hadn't been using it because library embedding was working so well for me, but yesterday I ran into a set of addons that weren't loading the right versions of the libraries. Yes, this is just a timing issue around when/how ZIPs get made, but it was pissing me off.

Here is how you can make that kind of problem go away using !!!StandaloneLibs (WAU 1.6 or older)

  1. Download the most recent !!!StandaloneLibs from!!!StandaloneLibraries/!!!
  2. Using your favorite ZIP extractor, extract it to your Addons folder. This will create a whole bunch of EMPTY folders that are placeholders for the libraries. (NOTE, if your ZIP program doesn't see the empty folders, try a new one. WinZIP 9.1 SR-1 for example doesn't see them... WinRAR does, as does 7-Zip) (This is no longer a problem. All the "empty" folders contain a file called "placeholder.txt", so, in the eyes of WinZip, the folders are not empty.)
  3. Once you have extracted these empty folder into your Addons directory, fire up WinAceUpdater. Since WinAceUpdater looks for folder names when it scans your addons folder, it will see these as "installed". Press F4 to mark all installed addons and then update. You will now have updated versions of all the libraries.

Here is how you can make that kind of problem go away using !!!StandaloneLibs (WAU 1.7 or newer)

  1. Using WAU install the !!!StandaloneLibs "addon" - everything is done for you the directories are moved, and WAU is reconfigured to download without externals.
  2. Optionally you can run the "Reinstall All Addons" command from the files menu to purge existing embedded libraries

FWIW, personally I've also started syncing Ace2 in WAU as well. It helps with some of these errors too.

I suspect that these problems will go away once the TBC library migration is over and people have a chance to updated TOCs and whatnot. But for now this will help a lot.

I'm thinking about features I can put in WAU to automate some of this, but for now this works.

Purge and Reinstall

Sometimes I just want to dump everything I have and get the latest and greatest from the files server. This often happens when a number of libraries have started migrating (like the TBC migration) and I just want to make sure I'm "clean".

Here's what you do (in WAU 1.6 or older)

  1. Press F8 to bring up the Options dialog
  2. Set the following options:
    • DeleteBeforeExtracting: True
    • SkipVersionCheck: True
  3. Press F12 to start the Sync

Here's what you do (in WAU 1.7 or newer)

  1. File Menu, select "Reinstall All Addons"
  2. When asked for confirmation, choose "yes"

This will cause WAU to delete and refresh all Addons that it recognizes as Ace Addons. (Note, you can still use the SkipSvnWorkingCopies flag as appropriate for the ones you are a dev on.)

I will typically turn these flags back off after I do the purge so I don't re-purge next time.


1.7, Packages, and !!!StandaloneLibraries

Packages: These are addons which contain multiple addons in a single folder. WAU supports automatic handling of the contained addons so that they are installed and unintstalled together.

WAU will unpack (move the folders up a directory) any package it encounters, but you can create a folder <addonname>.nounpack to prevent it from being processed. You place it wow's addon directory like a mod, and it has the effect of disabling package functionality for the addon. So, you can make a Cartographer.nounpack and put it in your \\Addons directory, and cartographer wont be unpacked.

The !!!StandaloneLibraries package is a special case. Installing it also changes the default behaviour of WAU to download without externals. If you dont have this installed, then externals are the default.

You will sometimes see the following message "<addonname> has no public versions skipping". This is not an error. It just says that the mod listed is not a freestanding addon on the svn. If the mod is part of a package, most likely it gets updated along with the package. There may be cases where mods have been removed from the files section - in which case you will also see this message.