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When you create a new addon page, there's a few things that we ask you do. These will make it easy for users to find addon pages and will keep a consistent appearance across all pages.

Please name the page the same as the folder name in Addons\\Interface. For example, the addon Big Wigs has the page BigWigs. There are a few cases that will have exceptions due to the way the wiki works. Underscores in a name, like "FuBar_MailFu" will become spaces: FuBar MailFu. You can still enter the underscores, the wiki will change them automatically. Another thing the wiki will do is automatically capitalize the first letter, so the mod tekSupport has the page TekSupport

Add an infobox

The first line of your pages should call the Template:Addon Infobox. This template will add a box full of useful TOC Metadata. Adding this box is simple, in most cases you must simply add this line:

{{Addon Infobox|{{PAGENAME}}}}

In some cases where the page name doesn't match the addon name (if the first letter is a lowercase), you'll have to replace "{{PAGENAME}}" with the addon's correct name. You can use the preview function when editing to find the correct page name.

The infobox will also automatically set the categories for the page. In almost all cases you won't need to set any more categories. The only exception to this is if your addon is a library and the page includes API Documentation. If this in the case you should add the Category:API Documentation with this line:

[[Category:API Documentation]]

If the addon is not on the SVN there will be no data for the infobox. In this case you'll have to manually create the TOC Data page, or submit to the SVN so that the script will create a wiki page for you. There are specific fields of TOC Metadata that the templates on the wiki use, make sure you fill in all the ones you need! Note that the script only runs once a day, so new submissions to the SVN will not show up on the wiki instantly.

If the infobox does not populate the categories you expect, please don't manually set the page categories. Instead edit the TOC file's X-Category field and commit it to the SVN. Any "Author:" category and all Ace2 Categories should generate from the TOC metadata.

Special Fields

While most of the data in the box is pulled from the TOC Metadata, there's a few special wiki pages you can force to be shown in the template call. Each of these parameters, if defined, will cause a certain wiki page to show up in the box.

Here's a sample template call:

{{Addon Infobox|SomeMod|HasCommands=true|HasChangelog=true|HasTalk=true}}
This field will add a link to a command list page. For instance, the addon OneBag uses this, it links to OneBag/Commands
This works similar to HasCommands. It'll link to [[((PAGENAME))/Changelog]]
This will make a link to the discussion page show up in the infobox.

TOC data supplements

Due to the delay in updating new TOC data, and the fact that some pages are not initially created by the addon's author, I am adding fields to the template call that will allow the page author to put data into the infobox. If this data is later defined in the TOC file, the TOC data will override the data passed by the template call. For more info on each field, see TOC Metadata.

Currently supported fields:

  • X-AceForum
  • X-RelSite-WoWI
  • X-WoWIPortal


{{Addon Infobox|SomeMod|X-AceForum=1234}}

If you are not the addon's author

If you are submitting a page for someone else's mod, please flag the page using this line:

{{Unclaimed Addon}}

This adds a box that lets the user know the page has not been edited by the actual author. In addition it adds categories to help find pages that need claimed.

Add a Description

Please do not just add a link to an external site. At least take the time to copy/paste in the addon's basic description. Be sure you credit the source of your info as well. (Hint: this is a great place to link to that external site)

Filling in missing pages (red links)

Okay, so you've written your page, but there's a bunch of red links in the infobox. Here's how you fix them:

  • If the page is an author category like Category:Author:Tekkub Stoutwrithe then you need to edit the page and add "{{Author Categories|{{PAGENAME}}}}" to it. This will link the page into the author index as a sub-category. If the page is your own Author: page then feel free te put whatever info you want in the description.
  • If the page is a category like Category:Raid Addons then you need to edit the page and add "Category:Addons" to it. This will link the page into the addon index as a sub-category. If the page is your own Author: page then feel free te put whatever info you want in the description.
  • If the page is for another Ace addon, then write up a page for it!
  • If the page is a non-ace addon, then a few steps must be done:
    1. Add an external link to the addon in Non-Ace Addons. Follow the format already established on the page, and add a tiny blurb describing the addon
    2. Edit the wiki page for the addon with a redirect like this: #REDIRECT [[Non-Ace Addons#SomeOtherAddon]]

If the link is generated by TOC metadata, and it is incorrect (Compost instead of CompostLib) please fix the TOC file on the SVN, don't correct it with a redirect